Last Updated: September 26, 2014







Any relationship can be complicated. It can be difficult to know what you want from your relationships, or even to know if they are any good for you.


Good relationships are about trust, mutual respect, feeling comfortable with each other and being able to talk about things.


Friends are great for support, but if you want professional information and advice, or you need to talk about your feelings or worries with someone else there are organisations that can help.


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Talking with your Partner


Sometimes in relationships we find it hard to say what we want, such as asking your partner to use a condom. Sometimes that’s because we’re not sure what we want, or perhaps put our partners needs first.


Often we don’t say what we want for fear of being rejected, laughed at, hurt or ignored. But the more we don’t say what we want, the harder it is to talk. Think about what you want and how to say it.


If people can’t respect your needs, do they really deserve your time and attention?


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