Last Updated: September 26, 2014

Advice & Counselling



Nottingham University Hospitals Sexual Health Counselling Service: Offer up to 8 sessions around a variety of LGBT issues including sex/sexuality, coming out/ sexual health /HIV and STIs/Risk reduction / Gender / sexual identity. Clinics run at various locations around Nottingham City. Patients can self refer or be referred .


Monday am/pm at the Chandos Clinic, Nottingham City Hospital

Wednesday pm at Victoria Health Centre

Thursday am at GU Medicine, Nottingham City Hospital


To book an assessment please contact Adrian on 0115 8839081/077956 37694 or email



The Health Shop: A Clinical Psychology Service is provided through The Health Shop, this is a specialist Sexual Health and HIV service, which offers psychological assessments and therapies.



Telephone: 0115 9055001

12 Broad Street, Hockley, Nottingham, NG1 3AL




Pregnant and Unsure?


If you or someone you know thinks they are pregnant it’s really important to get a pregnancy test and some help as soon as possible. Free pregnancy tests are available from many services. To find your nearest service click here.


Deciding what to do is a big decision so talk it over with your parent or someone that you trust. A counsellor may be able to help by talking you through your feelings. Your decision should be one that is right for YOU, and is not necessarily the same as for other people.


If you or your partner is pregnant you have three options:


  • Continue with the pregnancy − get help from your doctor, community midwife or Children’s Centre/Sure Start
  • Have a termination (abortion) − get help from a parent or professional as soon as possible.
  • Have the baby adopted after birth − talk this through with friends and family




If you decide not to continue with a pregnancy, contact a sexual health and contraceptive clinic, young person’s clinic or your GP as early as possible. They will be able to provide you with confidential advice and arrange an abortion for you.


Abortions are provided free of charge by the NHS and are legal up to 24 weeks of pregnancy (from the date of your last period).


If the abortion fits the legal criteria, a woman does not need the consent of her own doctor, her partner or her family to have an abortion. Under 16s can have an abortion, without parental consent in some circumstances, but it’s always best to talk to an adult you feel you can trust, e.g. a parent or relative.


Young people and the law


Whether you are 16 or 60, in order for sex to be legal it MUST be consenting, meaning, everyone who is having sex WANTS to have sex and says they do.




  • Consent MUST be given for sex to take place at any age. If you are not sure your partner wants sex, DON’T do it!
  • If the person you want to have sex with is drunk or has used drugs, they may be unable to give full consent – in the eyes of the law this means they did NOT consent to sex and it is rape if penetration takes place.
  • NO means NO!! Don’t think they secretly want sex – if they said “NO”, they meant “NO”!!
  • Not sure? DON’T do it!!


Rape and Sexual Assault


Nottinghamshire police are committed to supporting those who have been subjected to rape or serious sexual assault and to prosecute those who commit these crimes. A number of officers have received specialist training in dealing with these crimes and are aware of the sensitive issues that are often involved in supporting victims.


If you have been the victim of such a crime the police can assist in you receiving ongoing independent support through the Topaz Centre, a dedicated facility to support victims of rape and serious sexual assault. Victims will be taken to the Topaz Centre (or hospital if a child) where they will be offered a forensic medical examination, if appropriate, and the opportunity to provide a statement or special video interview whilst being supported by an independent support worker. This support can continue throughout the investigation and prosecution process.


However if you are still uncertain about telling the police you can make contact directly with the Topaz Centre and seek advice. The Topaz Centre is committed to providing a sensitive and dedicated service that meets the needs of victims of rape and serious sexual assault throughout Nottinghamshire through a partnership between the health service, police and volunteer sector. You can speak to the Topaz Centre staff and be offered the relevant information to be able to make an informed choice and receive support, whatever your decision.


For further advice, please visit the Topaz Centre website


Other services:


Rape Crisis Centre Nottingham: Supports women, over the age of 13 who have suffered any form of sexual violence. The crisis centre is based at the Nottingham Women’s Centre.



Telephone: 0115 941 0440.


She (survivors helping each other) Newark and Sherwood: User-led community group offering mutual support to female survivors of childhood sexual abuse. Drop-in sessions operate on Tuesdays (Mansfield), Wednesday (Newark) and Fridays (Worksop and Retford) Contact office to find out times and venue.



Telephone: 01636 611107.



Women’s Centre, Nottingham: Provides safe, supportive and welcoming environment for women. Offers courses, training, counselling and holistic therapies. Contact for further details of group meetings and events.



Telephone: 0115 941 1475




Community and Support Groups


Outburst Nottingham: Social and support project for lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans young people between the ages of 12 and 25 inclusive. Group meets Wednesdays 6.00-8.00pm at the NGY Centre, Castle Gate, Nottingham, NG1 7AR.


Telephone: 0758 059 7008 / 0115 952 5040



Breakout Nottingham: A friendly, informal social group for gay and bisexual men of all ages and walks of life. Group meets Tuesdays 7.30-9.00pm at the New Market Inn, Parliament Street, NG1 3BA.



Telephone: 0115 9476868.



Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Lesbian and Gay Switchboard: Information and support by telephone, letter and email on all matters relating to lesbians, gay men, bisexuals and trans people.



Telephone: 0115 934 8485 / 01623 621515



Nottingham Bisexual Women’s Group: Welcomes women in Nottingham who identify as bi or who recognise attractions to more than one gender.



Telephone: 0115 956 8810



Worksop Out On Wednesdays: A free confidential support service for young people aged 16- 25 who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or are questioning their sexuality.



Telephone: 01909 479191



Trans-Action Nottingham: Trans-Action is a well established self help group with the aim of making transgender living a non-issue. Held across Nottingham in different venues.


Telephone: 0115 911 1661



North Notts Positive Links: Positive Links Support Network offers practical support to people with HIV/AIDS. We also support the carers, friends and families of people with HIV/AIDS.





Tagadere: A volunteer run, user-led self help support group for people living with HIV in Nottinghamshire.




Telephone: 07766800514



African Institute: AISD is a volunteer, African-led, community organisation that enables Africans to access health services, information, support and skills opportunities.

We provide one-to-one support in training African men and women to practice safer sex in offering emotional support, condoms, DVDs and HIV and HIV & sexual health literature. We also accompany individuals who need support to take a HIV test.